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Motor-parts hardware and software just don't work after fews months upon delivery.
Lights out for some electricity retailers in Singapore: Why and what it means for consumers. iSwitch, Ohm Energy, Best Electricity, UGS and SilverCloud Energy - announcing over the past three weeks their plans to leave the market. The five supply to about 9 per cent of all electricity consumers.
Tesla has revealed by the way of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair that the main Model Y production line is able to manufacture one car body every 45 seconds.
Cars are dirty, and smelly. Why would institution still pouring free money into Singapore car sharing hope? If car sharing is a wise option, why would France give up their Electric car business rental here recently, but kept it's charging stations in Singapore. Free money is entering Singapore, you will witness raising housing prices and ever increasing COEs and OMVs price across miniature rich country like Singapore.