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Vehicle Disposal Services

For car leasing clients, there are no more hassles of used car disposal as there is no tie-up with used cars anymore, the hassles of re-selling are also gone, no worries about restoring your car for resale, resale value or storage of used car. For corporate vehicle users, there are no more worries as and when there’s a turn over of staff.

For private car owners who are in needs to disposal of their cars, we are able to arrange your vehicle to be posted through various disposal channels of ours for sell, or to arrange your car to be taken off your hands quickly in cash. We ensure that all statutory requirement of disposal are met and properly handled.

Vehicle disposal service is also available to non-leasing client, Inquiries can be submitted to us by filling your request details under contact us.

Car Rental and Leasing Program

Vehicle leasing and rental program adopt an “all-in” rental payment method which absorbs all of a vehicle’ holding costs.
The following full-service leasing / rental services help eliminate all administrative hassles involving a vehicle’s “whole-life-cycle” (i.e.: from the stage of procurement to disposal) Hence, it offers total peace of mind for the Hirer.

Comprehensive motor insurance (inclusive of “for hire purpose” policy);

Statutory vehicle’s License fee (road tax);

Routine vehicle maintenance & servicing;

Re-registration Service (Statutory licensing and motor insurance renewals);

Around the clock 24hrs emergency road-side attendance and towing service;

Accident handling including reporting, claims, and settlements, etc.;

Vehicle Acquisition Management

Described as vehicle procurement management, this entails sourcing the best vehicle of the best price, either by placing a new car order directly through a dealer or the manufacturer; or procuring the best-used vehicle matching the client’s desire through our Premium Selection Department.

Upon arrangement of both visual and test drive inspection of the desired vehicle, we ensure that the vehicle is in good condition through mechanic evaluation and/or independent surveyor if deem necessary. Making sure all permits and statutory licensing, insurance requirements have been met prior to coordinating the delivery of the vehicle to the client.

Vehicle acquisition service is also available to the non-leasing client, Inquiry can be submitted to us by filling your request details under Contact Us in the Inquiry page.


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